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Dear Salmonmac

Wow - how did you work that out? I'd never have gotten it. Even now as I look at the original pattern I can't see how you figured it out, but I'm really pleased you did. Thanks so much.

Just got one more question (don't hate me!).... When it say's 'work 7 rows of the rem 210 sts' can I just confirm that means to work 7 rows of what is technically row 15 (k1, *k2tog, k25, slip 1, k1, psso, 25 sts cable patt* re from *to* end with 1.) And, does this follow suit for the other rows where it tells you to work 7 or 4 rows on the rem st?

Thanks for your patience. I've never knitted a pattern like this before.
Thanks again,
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