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FO: Perry Cardigan, new photos
I purchased this yarn at the May 2010 Yarn Crawl! Oy vey. I was totally out of control!
My first (and last) yarn crawl, let me tell ya!

It's taken me these two years to find just the right design to pair with this yarn. The colorway is named "Redtail Hawk" and I fell in mad love with those gorgeous hanks hanging there on wooden pegs on the walls of the LYS somewhere in a very rural location! I think the reason I went so wild is that I'd never seen anything like it, and I knew I'd never be back to this remote LYS! lol

Here is the yarn:

Here is the cardigan. I have 3 hanks left...about 800 yards...

The cardigan pattern is called PERRY, by Michelle Wang. Here are my notes at Ravelry,
and you can find the pattern here.

Here is a photo of the model sweater. See how long it is?

My Perry fits me like the model sweater fits that 5'7" tall model!

We're going out tonight to our granddaughter's school concert. I'm wearing this cardigan with black jeans, black sleeveless top and black boots. I'll get a photo.
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