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Originally Posted by salmonmac View Post
Mmmm, gorgeous, as ever! It's a beautiful combination of colors and you've chosen a fine pattern to show them off. Just enough detail to make it interesting and not too much to detract from the yarn. I love Mountain Colors partly because of a coat knit in 3 different yarns, all dyed the same colors. They do lovely yarn.
The yarn blocked OBEDIENTLY & PERFECTLY, too!

There was some discrepancy on the yarn labels. Some labels stated different yardages and gram weights from the others, plus most hanks weighed MORE than stated on their labels! So I'm left wondering if I've got the YARDAGE stated.

It appears as if I was given loads more. I contacted the yarn people, and they said they measure the yardage by the 'turns' around, not so much on weight.

I'm still left wondering how many yards my Perry used, and how much yarn is really left over. The yarn people have a loosey-goosey way of packaging their hanks. If anything, they are cheating themselves out of a whole heck-of-a-lotta yarn!
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