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yes 50 Shades of Grey definitely is not written by a literary great! All the fuss seems to be about women running out to by the book when it is about sadomasochism. A lot of women from what I understand have been buying the book thinking that because it is in the media it is a good book but were not aware of what it was about until they started reading it. I have spoken to about 10 different people who have read it and have heard of only 2 that thought is was good. The sad thing is that some media is portraying this as though dozens and dozens of women want to read this book knowing exactly what it is about. Sadly a man wants to whip, spank,drop hot wax and restrain his virgin girlfriend. He wants her to be his submissive while he is the dominant. He wants to gag her as well. she has her limits though and will not consent to gagging, harsh whipping, vaginal or anal fisting. She does agree that she will not touch him nor look him in the eye when she is in "the room of pain" she also is not supposed to speak when she is spoken to. He spanks her with a belt because she rolled her eyes at him. He has a contract for her to sign (not legally binding) but it gives him a sense of possession. It is just a porn book.
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