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I am understanding it better now. I am determined to get the gauge just right before I start the tank. I definitely don't want to make something that I will not wear so I have started a new swatch.

I am concerned though about eventually taking on a pattern that is mistakenly mixed up. I came across a sewing "tutorial" that actually wasn't a good tutorial at all. The designer claimed the top took only 30 minutes to make and was so simple. I hadn't sewed in a while so it seemed like an easy project at the time but as I went along I realized she didn't take the time to actually explain measurements, size of material or much else. I was left to just eyeball the cuts. It was called a pillow case top. Of course hers looked fantastic. I was making one for my daughter and it didn't turn out at nice at all as I had to do so much guess work. I have an idea how to make it better(hopefully) but haven't gotten around to it yet. I would hate to take a month knitting a pattern that someone just " threw together".
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