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We got a new car on Sat, Picked it up yesterday!
Earlier this year our old car a Dodge Intrepid shut off while we were in a intersection preparing to turn into the parking area of the Tampa VA clinic for an appointment for one of us. Hubby managed to get it started again, we pull into the parking lot, find a space and as we are pulling into the parking space it shuts off again. We had it towed home and started looking for a new car as the place it was repaired at said it could just die at any time. So we researched cars online and decided on Honda. On June 9th we went to Brandon Honda and bought a CR-V that had everything on it that we wanted. It is the color called Twilight Blue Metallic.

In a couple of weeks we are going to drive up to VA to help baby sit our youngest grandson for our DIL while she is working and her hubby is away at school in Chicago for military school classes he has to take if he wants to advance in rating.. I will be taking some knitting with me to keep me sane while driving in areas that don't have good radio reception. Not that we listen to the radio in this car. I have music on a thumb drive in MP3 format . This car has a USB plug that you plug the thumb drive into and hit the AUX button on radio . The radio then plays the music on the thumb drive. Imagine listening to your favorite music with no commercials! My hubby loves it for for the back up camera that comes as standard equipment on Honda vehicles. That really helped my hubby make up his mind to buy.
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