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Let's talk raglan
I've made a couple of raglan type sweaters and really prefer the top down, no seaming approach to sweaters.

I have two questions, both probably stupid, but there it is.

First, is raglan the only style for seamless sweaters? Can you do top-down with a different type of sleeve?

Second, are there a variety of types of increases/decreases that work for the raglan style? The patterns I've used both have yarnovers that leave an "open" or "eyelet" type of pattern feature, and I'd like to eliminate that from my sweaters. Would a KFB or other increase accomplish the same thing and look nice without the open look?

If you wanted to just point me to a good resource for sweaters, I can research a bit myself. I just thought I'd come here since you are all so knowledgeable!

Thanks for your help.
Lisa R.

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