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Well I have read all 3 books and I basically think it just depends on how you want to view them. Some are saying they are badly written but I think the author did a good job or they wouldnt of printed them. I enjoyed them and my friend is wanting to read them also.
Yes they can get explicit but I believe it just depends on how you want to read them and percieve them. You can look at someone and judge them but until you live with them you really dont know what is going on in their minds and sometimes you never REALLY know what they are thinking or wanting to do.
I dont agree with this type of sexual style but as they say "To each their own" and if its between 2 consenting adults....
I enjoyed all 3 books and was kinda sad when the last book was over.
As you read them you start to understand what he went thru and how he basically came to be the way he is and with the help of this woman he learns to Love in a different way. Me personally I liked them and I guess you have to be comfortable with yourself in all ways.
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