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I looooooove reading and I'll pretty much buy anything I can get my hands on if it looks interesting enough. That being said, I went to my local book shop and 50 Shades of Grey was on display. Catchy book cover but I was in line so I didn't want to hold anyone up. While waiting I skimmed the back synopsis and I was like "meh...I've read worse in a Twilight book. Why not?"
So I bought it on my Kindle later (I buy both reg books and kindle books - it's a weird system that would take me awhile to describe the pathology of my idiosyncratic behavior).


I go home and start reading it on my Kindle. I start getting frustrated. I HATE THE TWILIGHT SERIES WITH A PASSION. I am sorry for those of you who are fans but I absolutely think that Stephanie Meyer butchered the written word with that horrible book series. This guy says it better than I ever could more succintly:

I posted to my FB - "If I find one more parallel between this book and the Twilight series, I'm deleting this 50 Shades book off my Kindle."
A friend: "Um, the author started that as a Twilight Fan Fiction and then turned it into a BDSM novel series."
Me: "great...."

I'm not shy about sex or anything...not a prude...but I think that people's sex lives should stay in the bedroom and if you want to put sex in your story, it should ADD to the story, not take away from it, and it should be classy. There is a way to write sex that makes it beautiful, poetic, and makes the story come alive. Maybe that's just me. If I wanted porn, I'd go to any sleezy internet site out there for free but I don't want porn...I want a well-written story with a good plot and colorful characters. Is that so much to ask for? The Iron Druid series is good for that, btw. <--- shameless plug for a good book series

I came across a really good article about 50 Shades awhile back and it's from a lady that writes erotic stuff normally. Straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak:

She has an obsession with this one actor I've never heard of but other than that, she writes a good blog posting about 50 Shades, which is all I really cared about.

Anyway, that's my 2(hundred) cents on the matter. Have a great day, ladies and gents!
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