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Assorted questions over a pattern (work in patt, work even)
Hi, I'm just trying a pattern and I reached some terms that I wasn't able to find clear explanations for. Maybe someone here can help me?

The pattern is from a glove, and has a chart attached to it (which I already used on some rows), called Horseshoe Lace, with a repetition of 12 stitches over 10 rows.
I reached the point of the gusset, and it goes as something like this:

Rnd1: RLI, pm for end of gusset, work Row 1 of Horseshoe Lace chart to end of rnd
Rnd2: VDI, sl m, work in patt to end of rnd

Rnd3, 4 and 5 are somewhat similar to Rnd2, saying in the middle "work in patt to end of rnd" (which is one of the things I don't understand)

After that, the pattern says "Rep last 2 rnds 3 more times, work 9 rnds even - Row 10 of chart is complete"
Then it goes to placing the gusset stitches on a holder, etc... from this part on, I think I don't have any doubts.

Here is what I didn't understand:
1. when it says "work in patt" on Rnd2, does it mean to work the 2nd row of the Lace chart?
2. If it does, does it mean that on Rnd3's "work in patt" I need to work the 3rd row of the chart, on Rnd4 the 4th row of the chart? Because here's the thing: by doind Rnd4 and Rnd5 3 more times, I'll do 11 rounds.. but the chart only has 10 rows! Does it mean that when I reach the 11th round, I'll do the 1st row of the lace chart again where it reads "work in patt" on the Rnd5? (The 11th round would be the 3rd repetition of the Rnd5)
3. I have no idea of what "Work 9 rnds even - Row 10 of chart is complete". Doesn't working even means to work the same type of stitch on the next stitch? If so, I won't be working with the lace chart anymore, will I? Why does it mention the 10th row of the chart?? I'm really lost on this one.

I would really appreciate some help.. I don't know if I provided enough information, though. For those who have access, the pattern is "Kensington Mitts", from Annie Modesitt, taken from Jane Austen Knits from 2011, just after doing the wrist of the glove.

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