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I need a bit of help with this tank

I have a couple of questions. I will be starting the armhole/bust. 1st off it says to put the back half of the stitches on a holder. I have 180 stitches. From the start of the round do I count 45 from each the left and the right to put on a holder? If so the working yarn will then be smack in the middle of the front panel. Or do I take 90 stitches off the left side to put on a holder?

I am also confused about the decreases.
RS: s, k, psso (or ssk), k*, k2tog, Do I only do s,k,psso for the first 2 stitches then knit all the way across until I reach the last 2 stitches, then knit 2 together?

So confusing to me. If it wasn't for this site I don't think I would have continued knitting!
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