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confused on knitting needle and crochet hook
I have a pattern that calls for 3mm knitting needle (UK 11) this is a pattern by Pony out of England. The other is a 4mm (UK 8), my chart for knitting needles don't have a 3 mm, so would I use the 3 1/4 which would be a size chart has the 4mm which is my size 6, so I am hoping that this is correct... also crochet hook 2.5, but chart don't have 2.5, it has 2 1/4 which would be a B hook or 2 3/4 which is the C hook...confused because the 2.5 is in the middle, so it could go either way...

I know, u want to know what I am My mother has 6 poodles...yes u heard me anyway she don't knit, but she crochets, she wants me to teach her how to knit...well she has the pattern for a knit poodle and it's from the UK, but am confused on these sizes... also never heard of DK/snowflake chunky, what can I sub it with? I will be leaving in a few days by bus to visit my mother for a month...I want to make sure I have the right needles with me...

Thank u in advance for the help...
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