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Originally Posted by ChatyKathy View Post
Well I have read all 3 books and I basically think it just depends on how you want to view them. Some are saying they are badly written but I think the author did a good job or they wouldnt of printed them.
She self-published first. Then after the books became popular and started selling really well, Random House's imprint picked the books up and gave her a book deal. It's the same way how Amanda Hocking got a publishing deal.

The relationship between the MC (main character) and Christian, through the MC's eyes, comes off as abusive. And I think that's the main thing that turns me off from the books, besides it being a Twilight fanfic. On Dear Author, they got a hold of Master of the Universe (the original title of the fanfic before she changed it to 50 Shades) and checked it with 50 Shades; it was pretty much the same word for word with a few changes here and there. They used the program colleges use to find out if essays are plagiarized--came out as 89% the same.

Personally, I don't like them. They rub me the wrong way (not the BDSM theme). I don't write erotica (I write YA mostly); however, I agree with erotica author Jennifer Armintrout's recaps of the book.

EL James does a lot of cliches as a writer, especially chapter one where she starts off by describing her looks in the mirror. That's considered a big no-no in the writing community (another big no-no is starting off the book with a dream). There's exceptions where it works, but this isn't one of them, IMO.
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