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Another good thing is that they store easily. You can coil them up and put them back in the package they came in. They take up a lot less space than long needles. I think they make straight needles shorter now, but you can still get old needles at thrift stores that are up to 14 inches long! That's a lot of needle to poke someone with that's sitting next to you. I use only circulars myself. The Knitpicks interchangeables are especially nice because you can combine two or more cables if you're knitting a large sweater. Circulars are also good if you're going to knit a large blanket or knit a scarf lengthwise rather than widthwise. You can easily cast on 200-300 stitches on one. There's a pattern I want to do one of these days that casts on 300 stitches for a scarf. It's done in garter. Colors are changed every row so it looks striped. The ends are clipped leaving a few inches and this is used as a fringe on the ends. Really cute!
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