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How can i add rows to a bottom up garter stitch panel with a 3 st built in i-cord edging?
I am knitting an EZ garter stitch suspender cardigan which has a panel at the front which goes up one side of the front across the top to include a collar, picking up stitches from the back panel, and then down the other front panel from top to bottom. these panels include a built in i-cord which forms a binding edge and buttonholes. Unfortunately i didn't knit the same amount of rows on the front panels as the back and ended up 16 rows short on each front panel. It was not a problem to correct one panel as it was the cast off edge but the other of course is a cast on edge and this is the problem. I have looked on the internet and seen that the stitches can be cut above the cast on and picked up and then knitted from hem down but it affects the pattern and how do I do the i-cord. Is anyone familiar with this pattern and can help?
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