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Hooded vest instruction needed
Im trying to keep my sentences as short as possible

I need help on knitting a hooded vest, button n pockets on

A, knit from neck line
B, cute pointy hood
C. Step to step Instructions on my next step

This is my first knitting garment and I'm in progress of :

Swatch 1" 5 sts
On circular needless 5mm knit in a round until armholes shaping into three piecesm two front n one back.

Target has 32" chest and I'm trying to reach maybe 35".

It's length now is 21" from bottom, 8" of armholes

I have 104sts on loose hanging n don't know what to do about it.

I have seamed 7 stitiches of either front to the back, but only because cant be sure why else I can do :(

Please help and thank you very much in advance

I have been browsing around but there seems to be not possible to find a boy size hooded vest buttoned n pockets on for Free......

This is similar to my request except the cute isn't pointy n long enough

Any of your contribution is very much appreciated!!!!


I'm in Asia n I don't usually stay up late but this is the day. I'm very sleepy but I'm so desperately needing help, here's a previous attempt on getting help, im posting here to double check if I left out any important points to ask....

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