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Thank you very much for your help

I have found this as an example to elaborate my question. I have knitted a rectangle shape of hood as in above site, pick up and knit, but when I fold in half, it doesn't look like a hood to me.

Can some of you help me how exactly to do please?

I have 8" - 18" - 8"
Which also means
47 sts - 87sts - 47sts

I have sewed 7 sts on both front pcs to the back so it becomes
40sts - 73sts - 40sts
In the circular needles now

I don't know if it is correct to sew 14sts (7 on each) of the back pcs but I am guessing it

Pls help and guide me how many to sew up and how many is needed for the hood

What's the calculation of hood especially when I need to knit it from the front pcs, bcos its a button pattern

I found many said I need 13" height of the hood from neckline but I don't know how to make it look like a triangle hood from a rectangle garment

May I know what r the rules of knitting a hood?
For eg knitting a vest we usually do in either three pcs to seam up later or do in a circular needle until 13" for starting of armholes shaping for 8" bla bla bla....
So what is it for knittin a hood?

There r different types of hood, longer larger pointy ones would look cute for kids, shorter ones would suitable for adults n less bulky but bulky would look cute for kids...

I am sorry if the language I use isn't appropriate but I'm trying my best to elaborate my needs and hopefully you can help me out

Thank you very much in advance!!
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