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Your excitement comes across in your post.

Do your use Ravelry? Are you able to get a picture up on there, like in your projects? What I've been doing lately to put a picture here at KH is to go to a picture of mine on Ravelry and bring it up big then I click on the picture (I think it is right click) and a thing comes up with some options. One is copy image location. I left click on that, then just come over here and click the little image icon on the page where you make your post and drop that into the box and hit whatever it says there to finish off that box then submit the reply and it works.

I have always loved to make little sweaters for babies. If the baby comes in summer I plan for a size I think will fit through the fall and winter months. If it is born in the fall, hooray. The little sweaters are so cute on them and they keep them warm too.
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