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Translating a Vintage Pattern
While visiting my 90 year old grandmother I noticed a box by her chair with a beautiful partially done knitting project. She informed me that it was a bedspread her mother had started 74 years earlier. She still has all of the cotton yarn to finish the bedspread and all supplies are in perfect condition. We decided that finishing this project would be the perfect "next" project for me. The problem comes in translating the Ann Orr book 37 pattern. Here is a row that is throwing me off. "k1, o, n, k1 s and b, k7, n, k1, n, o, k1" My grandmother could remember that "o" is the same as "yo" in modern patterns, but has no clue what the "n", "s" or "b" mean.
Can anyone out there help with this? My grandmother found the original book, but the pages with the abbreviations are missing. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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