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HELP with a pattern

I am going to attempt to cable knit with this cell phone caddy pattern. I thought something small would be easier...HA!

Anyway I understand that C2F means cable 2 to the front, and so on, however on this pattern, am I supposed to cable 2 to the front and then my next 2 stitches also use a cable needle to the front?? It is not telling me what to do with the cable stitches. I hope you can help. That portion of the pattern is pasted below. Thank you.

Cast on 32
row 1 - K2, [P4, K4] rep to last two stitches, K2
row 2 - P2, [K4, P4] rep to last two stitches, P2
unless stated, repeat rows 1 on right side & 2 on wrong side

row 7 - K2, P4, c2b, c2f, P4, K4, P4, c2b, c2f, P4, K2
row 10 - P2, K4, c2f(p), c2b(p), K4, P4, K4, c2f(p), c2b(p), K4, P2
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