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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
Please don't post the same thread twice. It's not necessary. This is the correct forum for questions.

Can you post a link to the pattern? Does your pattern have instructions, they usually do.
Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
The number in the cable term shows how many sts are involved in each cable. So for c2b, you put 1 st on the cable needle, hold in back and k1 from the L needle and knit the held one, then do a c2f on the next 2 sts, holding 1 st to the front, k1 from the L needle. The pattern should explain this at the top, before the cast on instructions.
WONDERFUL....!!! Thank you so very much. That's just the thing, any pattern I have read before has an explanation of the abbreviations, but this one doesn't have any explanations. But thank you so much, this was a wonderful help!!!!
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