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Originally Posted by ArtLady1981 View Post
Oh I feel for you. A Ravelry friend recommended a book to me recently. Slammerkin. An old world setting about a girl that gets sent to the streets at a young age.


The book was utterly awful. She turned out to be a total trainwreck. The book was way too focused on the functionings of the human being. I thought I'd scream if I read the word 'sticky' ever again.

I posted a review on Amazon about this disgustingly disappointing book. (I bought the Kindle version). I'm just now beginning to get over it.

It's a trap. A graphic movie has an R rating. So if you see too much, you were warned. However, this book has no rating R or X. Another're reading along, out pops the move on...hoping that will be the last of it...and OUT IT POPS AGAIN, and again...but now you're invested in the characters. You want to follow it along to see how their life turns out. I didn't need to read the details about their personal functions. Ugh.

Here's a thought: we all know that the characters in a book, or in a movie, all go to the toilet. Everyone goes to the toilet. #1 and #2. Do we really need to see it? Do we really need to hear it? IMO, we don't need to see or hear human sexual functions either.

So when I was reading the reviews for 50 Shades of Gray...I still had Slammerkin well in mind...and I OPTED OUT of purchasing 50 Shades of Gray.

Now I can see that I was wise to PASS. Thanks for posting your review!
The remarks that we don't read that the characters are going number 1 and 2 is a good point. There are things that should be left out of a book to make it more tasteful/ give it a bit of class.
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