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Help with my pattern
Hi I'm doing a pattern which is as follows:

1st row:K1,p1,k4,(p13,k4)9times,p1,k1
2nd row1,k1,(p4,k13)9times,p4,k1,p1
3rd row:k1,p1,c4b(p13,c4b)9times,p1,k1
4th row1,k1,(p4,k13)9times,p4,k1,p1

1st to 4th row set rev st-st and cables. Keep continuity of rev st-st and cables

Next row:k1,p1,patt4,(p5,p2tog,p6,patt4)9times,p1,k1

I am stuck on this last part. Can anyone please help x
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