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Hi and welcome. You don't know the rules yet about posting patterns, so let me explain that it violates copyright to put an entire pattern on a forum. Even when free, it still belongs to someone else and they have to give permission for the whole thing to be posted somewhere else. A link or the name of the pattern is better.

So if you could edit your post to the part you're having a problem with that would be great. It looks like this is an entrelac pattern. They read like they're very complicated, but if you follow the instructions step by step they work out.

These are done in 'short rows' where you don't work all the sts, but just one or a few and turn your work as if you were at the end of the row. After the CO you begin by knitting one stitch, turn and purl it. Turn again and slip that same stitch, then knit the next one from the CO, and turn and purl both sts. Turn again and slip 1, k1 plus knit another from the CO then turn and purl them. And so on across, though once you've got 8 sts on the R needle, you start the next triangle. Yes, it's supposed to look funny.
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