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Too late???
Originally Posted by energisedbunny View Post
Well, we're into the knit-along! We have a bunch of people joining in, so itís really great! Gail has been doing tonnes of informative posts, and Iíve been putting up my newbieís perspective, and what Iíve learned, so I really think anyone wanting to make their first cardigan will find loads of info and help
There is still time to join, as the time-frame is super loose, and people are at lots of different speeds and stages of progress.

If I can do it, being as green as I am, anyone can! Itís really exciting

You can see the posts here:

This sounds like so much fum, however, I see you posted it in April, are yawl done with the project yet :-)) I am relative new as well. I am so very glad I found this website. The knitting community is by far the best online groups I have been involed with.

I would LOVE to join the knitt-along. Please let me know where you are in the stage of knitting the cardigan. Thank you. If too late, maybe I can join your next one!!
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