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Originally Posted by energisedbunny View Post
Hi everyone!
I thought I'd say howdy and let you guys know about a knit-along!

I'm a beginner and met Gail, an experienced knitter through Ravelry. We decided to do a knit-along on our blogs.

Anyway, we are going to be knitting the Miette cardigan.
It's cute, and free too!

You can see our intro blog posts here:

Gail is going to be doing lots of helpful walking-through for beginners!

Hope this doesn't come off as self promotional, but basically, I want as many people as possible to join, the more the merrier right? Gail is going to be putting plenty of work into her posts and I want as many people as possible to benefit

I just love the online community there is around sewing and knitting/crochet, it's so supportive and nice And also knittinghelp is a great resource for learning, I've benefitted from it a lot! If you think you'd like to knit along, do join us!
Okay I spoke too soon. I just looked at the pattern and am not sure how it can be a begginer's pattern?? I mean WOW yikes! If that is beginner then I am in serious trouble. It is very beautifiul, please let me know how you are doing on it. Thanks for posting this too.
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