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Originally Posted by Antares View Post
Oh my! Those are too too cute! You certainly don't look like a newbie to the DPN front, that's for sure.

Well done. And have fun this fall loving on all those little ones. ("Baby this and that" indeed!!)
Thanks, Antares! The pattern is one most can do in their sleep but it challenged me in several ways because I'm not a very experienced knitter.

First lesson learned was not to be shy about ripping it out and starting again from my lifeline when I'd obviously not gotten the instructions right

Second lesson... even on something seemingly simple, the use of stitch markers and something to keep the stitches from sliding off those DPNs is a lifesaver when those inevitable interruptions happen.

Third lesson... it's not a race. Staying relaxed and taking time to pay attention to each stitch forming pays off big time.

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