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divide for the neck confused???
I'm a bit confused I'm making front part and
have to divide for the neck
Pattern says next row :P1 k1 P2tog patt 48 turn leave remaining 53 sts on stitch holder work with these 51sts proceed as follows
next row patt to last k2 togtbl p1 k1 (50sts)
Work 16 row dec 1st at raglan edge as before in every row at same time dec 1
St at neck edge in next and every foll 4th row (30sts)

What I'm confused is I did 6 rows I'm getting the edges which r suppose to b on the wrong side they r coming on the right side of the jumper I did understand that in each row I have to dec at the raglan edge and every 4th row for the neck edge but I'm getting wrong side edge on the right side of the jumper
Hw should I proceed ??? And wen I dec stitches at the neck edge I should just do. P2tog with the last 2 sts ??and
I also wanted to know
that when we dec the stitches on the RS that time its
P1 K1 P2tog than patt to the lastP2togtbl K1 P1
And on the wrong side its K1 P1 K2tog patt to the last K2togtbl P1 K1
If that's soo why is otherway round for the front??? How should I dec n proceed further??????
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