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Originally Posted by sakura-panda View Post
I have bags similar to these, but much, *much* smaller because mine are all packaging from curtains and bedsheets.
I purchased 2 sizes. The smallest size holds 10-12 skeins/balls/hanks of dk yarn. The medium size would hold 20-25 dk yarn. More or less for fingering or worsted or bulky yarns, of course.

I originally purchased two of the small size at my LYS, but the cost of about $4 each prohibited the purchase of more bags.

But one day, as I was looking around in their Accessories tab at (they are no longer in business) I spotted the very same "project bag" for $1.25. HOLY HANDBAGS! They also carried med and lrg sizes. So I also purchased the med size. I'm a sweater knitter, so these bags keep a "sweater's worth" of yarn fresh and safe from dust and bugs until I get around to knitting the garment!
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