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Originally Posted by knitcindy View Post
Artlady, Where can I buy those zipper bags?? I know that quilts/blankets and sheet sets are sold in them, but I just want the bags. Any ideas on what I would call them to do a search on google?
I've been surfing around on the web, looking for them...but so far haven't found them in my yarn bag sizes. There is a company called've purchased these same zipped vinyl bags from them in larger sizes. The bags I got from them hold a sweater, with room to spare...or a sweater coat. The smallest zipped vinyl bag ULine carries is 15 x 18 x 3". Click here.

The two sizes I purchased from WoodlandWoolworks are:

11 x 9 x 3" (with 14 balls Berroco Pure Merino,worsted wt)

15 x 12 x 4" (with 22 balls Plymouth Tweed, aran wt)

So keep surfing the web...type clear zippered vinyl bags into Google Search. I hope you find them. I'll keep looking, too. It sorta bugs me that my size bags have seemingly disappeared when WoodlandWoolworks went out of business. BTW, I went to their website to see if they were still offering anything, and they do have a page filled with referring links. So try that, too.

Edited to add: I messaged the Elkins at (WEBS) and inquired about the bags. Will let you know what WEBS says.
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