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Phentex Crochet Slipper pattern
I'm seeing tons of patterns for the knit version of the Phentex knitted version of slippers. I came across the crochet version of this, the Phentex Minute Crochet Slippers, at a thrift store today. The pattern is from a kit. There is no yarn given for this. I'm assuming it's the Phentex slipper yarn? This is listed as a chunky yarn (#5?) with an I crochet hook. The worsed weight Phentex is a #4. There's no gauge listed. No hook given. The original hook must have come with the kit. I tried the pattern with doubled worsted weight. They're gigantic. Going to try a single strand of worsted weight next and see what I can come up with. Does anybody have any clue what yarn and hook would be used for this? Would love to post this online. Ravelry doesn't have the crochet version and I'm not finding it anywhere else. I believe, from what I've read online, that the Phentex company, unregistered the kit in 1984 and this would make the pattern public domain?
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