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Originally Posted by Lighting57 View Post
Don't laugh at me, but if I buy an IPad can I use it with my home DSL signal or do I have to have a contract through one of the cell phone companies? I know what they are and how they are used, but that's the extent of it.
It will work with your home DSL if you have a wireless network set up. What you can't do is run a cable from your router and plug it into your iPad. Gotta have wireless.

It requires a subscription service to communicate via the cellular network (like your mobile phone uses). So if you intend to use it someplace wireless isn't available, that's sometimes handy.

I use mine most of the time on wireless. I've used it a few times on the cell network (for example, to pull up a map when we were traveling or post a picture to FB when we were vacationing).
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