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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
First, a swatch should have more stitches than what it gives for 4"; the edge stitches shouldn't be measured. The goal is to figure out how many sts in 4", not to make a 4" square.

You could go down in needle size, but if your yarn is heavier than in the original pattern, you might not get the gauge called for, but it would still be too stiff. Finding the needle that gives you a fabric you like, then making a smaller size can be done. What is it you're making?
I want to make the Rhombi open cardigan by Terri Kruse that has a diamond pattern on the collarband. My yarn is Valley Yarn's Northfield, a nice merino and silk blend that knits beautifully on size 5 and 6 needles; I think it's considered a sport wt. I had previously made the "Treyi" vest and all but finished it and had to rip back twice when I couldn't figure out the collar. I became so frustrated that I frogged the whole thing and continued searching for a pattern I could understand. Is there any help for me?????
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