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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
You can do it - don't get overwhelmed by instructions you haven't seen before, break them down into smaller bits, take it stitch by stitch and row by row. Then it's more manageable and you can 'get' it.

Do you have a specific question about a particular pattern?
Yes, getting back to the "Rhombi" cardi, you said that I should knit to a gauge that creates a nice fabric; pattern calls for 6.5 sts per inch--say I get 5.5 sts. How then do I calculate what size to make? For example, my size 39 has a finished measurement of 33.5 inches (cardigan doesn't close in front). Thanks so much for your encouragement. Would you believe I've been knitting on and off for over 25 yrs? Long periods of no knitting due to becoming frustrated because everything I knitted look so homemade and ill-fitting. Thanks again, Teresa
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