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A easy-peasy FAVORITE scarf of mine is:

Using worsted weight 'textured' yarn and size US15 needles, cast on 17 stitches. Work garter stitch (knit on RS & WS) until the scarf is as long as you like. I'd usually go until 50-60". But longer for a tall guy. A scarf of this length can be worn doubled in half and the ends tucked up and over the fold.
(worn like this scarf on my daughter, is 73" long!)

Knitting a garter stitch scarf using BIG needles with worsted weight yarn creates a great look, regardless of gender. And the knitting goes FAST, but looks like you labored forever!

Here is a scarf that I knit up, using the 'pattern' above. It used a dk cotton held together with a 'flag' yarn...but equivalent to a worsted weight when held together:

Up close:

I knit one in oyster, too:

Up close:

Here's another really easy scarf, great for men. It takes Knits and Purls, called ribbing.

It's a K2-P2 rib. Here's my "recipe":

With a bulky weight yarn:

**Cast on 18, US 15**

Pattern Row: K3, (P2, K2) x 3, end P3

Repeat Pattern Row til length desired. Bind off loosely.

(note: the first and last stitch of every row will not look like will look like garter is called an 'edge stitch')

My particular scarf needled blocking. I was able to coax it out to 5" x 52" when it was damp. I used blocking wires in the edge stitches, but you can use pins just as easily. After it was pinned out, I misted the tar out of it. Leaving til bone dry.

This scarf went really fast!! I used 88 yds of the dark chocolate, and 65 yds of the multi.
(It was leftovers yarn from a Vogue Cape.)

No knots when changing colors for the uneven, assymetrical striping. Since the yarn was wool, I was able to 'felt join' the dark chocolate end to the multi-color end, and vice versa. Amy has a video here at KH about how to 'felt join'. Some knitters call it 'spit splicing'. Ew. Let it be know...Artlady would never ever use spit to join two ends of wool yarn.

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