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WIP: American Flag Afghan
Hello, everybody! Haven't been around too much these days, been knitting up a storm! Besides teaching a "class" (helping friends ) knitting booties, hats, and cardigans, (can't seem to get enough of those!), I'm working on this afghan. It has a double destination. IF I finish it in time, I want to enter it in our county fair, which is waaay too close as it is. And afterward, it will go to a friend of mine who no longer lives in the US, but misses it a lot. (And, it's really cold where he lives.)
It is driving me up the wall!!! It's just a plain stockinette stitch, so easy! Too easy!!! I hate it because it is 288 sts. long, and takes forever to knit a single row!!!!!!!!
I need some pats on the back, please, so I can finish it.
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