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WIP: Banana Tree Cardigan
I knit a modified version of the Banana Tree cardigan in Dec 2010.

The banana tree leaf pattern needs a simple yarn, not a textured yarn...
(like the yarn I was determined to use back in 2010!).

But I always wanted to knit this cardigan again, just like it was supposed to be knit, no changes to the pattern stitch along the Front edges! It's a cute casual sweater, no frills...with the exception of the banana tree leaves running up the front edges. Love those banana tree leaves!

So here it is, mid-2012...I finally found a yarn (and color) that calls to me for the Banana Tree!

It's a FREE pattern.

The body is cast on in one wide piece (not in 3 pieces for both fronts and the back, which I prefer), but I couldn't figure out the cast on numbers (math) to knit it in I gave in...and cast on 235 stitches. Bah.

It's slow going, let me tell ya! I'm making headway. The body is up to 11"...with 3 inches to go before I bind off for the armholes and begin working the upper body for the back, and two fronts, separately. Oh I can hardly wait for that!

Yes, I'll bind off for armholes when the body is 14" rather than the pattern 16". I want to allow for the growth I think will occur when I block it, using the full soak blocking. I don't want this cardigan to resemble a short bathrobe.

This yarn is knitting up wonky. That is to say...the V shape of the knits from the RS are icky. One leg might be lopsided. But I noticed that stretching the work this way and that will 'right' the knit stitches. So I am certain the full-on full-soak blocking will be needed to shape up the look of the knits. I had success with this with a cotton baby set I knit several years ago. The yarn was cotton, and although folks say you can't block cotton, or don't need to, I beg to differ. You can use blocking to accomplish numerous goals.

Here is my progress:

See the banana tree leaves?

Below: see how those 4 knits (of the faux ribbing) are wonky in places?
Well this drives me absolutely insane. I'll not rest til it's fixed.

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