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Originally Posted by Tntgin4118 View Post
235 stitches in each row.... each row must feel like a career.
You can say that again! What makes it worse...if you make a mistake in the banana tree leaf chart, with 'work' on RS & WS, it's almost impossible to fix....and imagine the depressing thought of frogging or tinking 235st rows!

Therefore, you must go real slow when you knit the 16 st charted sections at each Front edge!

The pattern called for a very vexatious thing (which I tried and failed at with my 2010 Banana Tree Cardigan): on the very first row after casting on, start the first charted section with it's row 1, but at the end of the first row, start with row 7 for second charted section. Bah!

The chart is 12 rows tall. What a juggling act! You essentially have four balls in the air at all times! Keeping track of where you're at is very aggravating, for very little, if any, benefit!

So I did myself a favor and worked the charted areas starting with Chart row 1 on each end of each long long row.

You're so right about each row seems like a career!
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