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Originally Posted by cheley View Post
Received Dragonfly is more than I imagined, very beautiful and the workmanship is so wonderful, Sak, thanks for the notes and emery boards, so thoughtful..I am working on my laptop today (PC caught a maaaajor virus ) so I will have my new "baby" Gizmo model the blanket and post pics when I can...Thanks too all

I just mailed out Dragonfly on Saturday, about 20 minutes before the post office closed! I even used the little machine with the drop box instead of standing in line at the counter. I knew it would get to you quickly, but I didn't expect it to be practically next day! Wow!

(It was not my usual post office, but a bigger, busier one that is open late on Saturday. I'll have to remember that for next time. )

I hope you get your PC back to normal soon -- I can't wait to see what the blanket is going to look like!
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