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I don't understand... how would I ask a question then? What would I be supposed to put in the subject line? Something like "Issue with knit bracelet"..?

(Pardon me, I am new at forums and this website. I usually use Yahoo! Answers.)

Also, I'm not sure that the needle size is part of the issue because I've made 3 other cuffs that were just as loose on the top part as on the bottom part and fit perfectly around my wrist. I make a row of 28 stitches (to go around my wrist) then I just knit till it seems like a proper thickness.

I'm not 100% familiar with the vocabulary involved in knitting so I can't really answer the question about the CO or BO thing. I am self taught via Youtube videos, not by stinginess or laziness but having no other choice. I can barely afford the yarn in the first place...
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