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Binding off question
Hi All - I find, if I do the "simple" bind off in stocking st, the bind-off row always totally rolls to the front in a very obvious ridge. The photo shown in the video on this site appears to do the same. It always improves with blocking, but I'm wondering if there's another way that'd make it sit on top better.

What I do is alternate k's and p's - as you would for 1x1 ribbing, and bo loosely and kind of lift the stitch to the centre (top). It turns out quite a bit better.

I'm just wondering what other people do?

Uh - yesterday I said I was looking forward to our heatwave - thought we'd be enjoying temps around 75 deg - indoor & outdoor temps are now 84 - comes under the heading "be careful what you wish for" - haha, and here I am, planning my dolls' Christmas outfits.

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