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We do not have the spare on the outside. It sit in its own little space under the floor mat in the back behind the back seat. The back up camera was a godsend sent we almost got hit backing out of a parking space at a restaurant we stopped at on the way up to VA.The person was flying through the parking lot trying to get out into traffic. Other than that nothing else happened until we got to our son's place. our daughter in law had another house come in while we were there and she brought her dog and her two god children. The dog was a very neurotic dog and was scared of my husband even though we had never seen the dog before. grandsons dog , Sadie is a Staffordshire Terrier but she looks like a pit bull. The boxer pooped upstairs the morning after they arrived and one of the kids said that Sadie did it. Bu my hubby had been sitting downstairs reading and Sadie was down there with him. My hubby asked the kid what color it was and the kid said it was dark colored. Sadie eats a light colored dry food and the boxer ate a dark colored food. It wasn't Sadie 's poop. Those two dogs would make laps around the furniture until my daughter-in-law moved the ottoman to block them . All i all it was a nice week , but hot up there as it was here at home.On our way up there when we were in NC we did get rained on a bit.
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