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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
Right now, it went up to 17% humidity, it's 85 and feels like 82. But it's going to get hotter today, though it's 'supposed' to still feel cooler. I don't care, over 85 I start melting...
Oh yes, me too. We do have a so-called "portable" window a/c - every year we drag it out of the closet and go through a great process to get it stuffed in there (without dropping it out the window!) - for the past 2 years, we put it away again at the end of Sept without ever turning it on. NOW it's working its little heart out. Makin' the power company happy!

That's ok. I think of all the kids who are SO happy at the beach (which also keeps the neighbourhood quiet ) and the garden is happy - and I have my Christmas knitting, my a/c and my car's a/c if I do decide to venture out. It's all good
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