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To answer a couple ues of questions:

Katie will nest in anything! Her donut bed (all curled up), the hounds bed (where she's seen sleeping on her back, fully stretched out) or in the flat bed with the bumper rim.

There isn't a foam insert for the inside-bottom of this felted bed, however I've thought about it. How would I knit a disc for the inside? Could I knit two discs, whip stitch closed, leave a 4" opening, stuff it with fiber-fill, then complete the whip stitch closure?

I wouldn't feel the need to felt the 'pad'....what do you think? When she nests, she digs a lot. Shih Tzu's are notorious diggers. Lhasa Apso's, too.

I could just as well give her an old sweater in there!

Oh, wait! What if I knit two large wool squares, felt them, dry them....then CUT THEM into the circle shapes for the bottom of the bed, using a fancy stitch to lash them together all around the perimeter? This seems easier than trying to knit circles.

What does everyone think? Input please!
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