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Found this in the rubbish
Has this yarn and knitting business gone too far? Or does the following story prove that knitting simply and truly found its way into my blood?

One evening I was out throwing my recycles when I spotted in one of the bins what looked like a hand knitted scarf. I tried to reach out and grab it but the bin was too deep. I came back later with my daughter and showed it to her and she agreed that we must try to get it out. But how? We started looking for a long and strong enough stick but found none. Then I had an idea: when no one was around I'd lift my daughter up and over into the bin and she'd quickly bend over and pull it to her. I'd then quickly pull her out before anyone comes along and sees us. Please note that the bin was fairly clean except for a bit of dust. So, my daughter agreed and in she went and rescued a beautiful slightly dirty scarf. She loved the colour and so I said I'd make something for her out of it.

When I got home I had a proper look at it. It was crocheted badly and there were some long brown hairs interweaved in it. So, I gave it a good wash by hand, because I think it's wool and when it dried I unravelled it and rolled it into these four balls pulling out any human hairs in the process. I also think that it's hand dyed and woven. It's quite rough and itchy to the touch so I said that I will make a pretty girl's bag out of it.

I told a friend at work (who also knits) about this and she quietly confessed that she'd have done the same thing.

Thanks for letting me share this with you.

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