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I saw another thread from Nenwing and there were a few comments about magnetics. My MIL used to swear by her bracelets for the arthritis in her hands. Sooo... I don't usually talk about my health issues unless I'm telling the other mods if I won't be around, but I'm really curious about anyone's experience with magnetics and nerve issues and arthritis.

Most likely due to mild scoliosis I have 4 pinched nerves in my lumbar spine that have caused damage below the knees in both legs and feet... numbness, tingling, skin pain, twitching, and temp control in the feet. I also have arthritis in 3 vertebrae of my cervical spine. Both issues are chronic, but of the two the arthritis is probably the most painful.

I had to switch medical groups recently, but my pinched nerves and damage were diagnosed by a neurologist after multiple tests including tests to rule out other possible issues. The arthritis was diagnosed by my regular doc following xrays, etc.

So I've been that route and I'm just wondering about experiences with magnetics and what your thoughts are. I figure it's a noninvasive no more meds alternative that I could explore.

BTW... no chiro. My SIL was severely injured by one and has had 4 neck surgeries and still so much pain she practically lives in a c-collar.

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