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WIP: Silky Wool "Petronia" Cardigan
Oh yay! Now that the Banana Tree cardigan is done, and the Shih Tzu snuggy doggie bed is done...I can finally cast on for this PETRONIA cardigan I purchased from Twist Collective a year ago!

I've been waffling about the yarn choice, and finally decided on a dusty blue Silky Wool
that's been lingering in my stash for years. I got excited about Silky Wool back when...then my love waned...then my love grew again after I knit the Pinnate last month. Silky Wool is so comfortable to wear!
It blocks beautifully! Plus, every hank is 192 yds!

This shade of blue looks good on brunettes in addition to blondes and redheads.

Anyway, I've accomplished the extra large swatch...that had to be measured 'over the chart lace pattern'! Gah. Don't ya just hate that? But my stitch gauge is spot on. Row gauge is 1/4" longer over the 33 rows. And my extra large swatch (43 st by 35 rows) enabled me to get used to this chart. So it's like a practice run! I seriously wet-blocked it, because right off the needles the swatch was a wonky hot mess. But Silky Wool is very compliant to wet-blocking, and decides to play nice!

I've cast on for the Back, too...and I'm rollin' along pretty good.
This cardigan has the cutest cutest 31-row ribbing! It's taller than normal...and very unexpected! I like!

The pattern stitch looks complicated, but it's really really simple. Just K2T's, SSK's and YO's create this nice pattern stitch!

The greatest challenge will be the shaping 'in pattern'. You can't be casual about what you do when it comes time to work the armhole shaping. But I'm up for the challenge. It isn't hard, but you just have to put your noggin to work and THINK about what you're going to do at each end of every decrease row cuz those yarnovers will fall where they're the least convenient.

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