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Dpns to Non-Circular Knit
So, I'm knitting up these fingerless gloves from a pattern on Ravelry. (See the PDF here: .)

After knitting the wrist part in ribbing, the pattern says, "The color working is easiest to do in a non-circular knit (thumb gusset will finish the edges nicely)." I'm not doing any of the color working because my yarn is self-striping and I just want the yarn design. My problem is: How do I move from dpns to a "non-circular knit"? What does that look like?
And then, when you start the fingers on the right hand, it says, "Place a marker before the last stitch on Needle 3, and place a second marker 25 stitches previously." How do I have three needles if I'm knitting a "non-circular knit"?

Thanks for your help!
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