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I should add that we call the area we live in The Frozen Tundra. That's because it's not unusual for temps to get 30 below zero F. Firefighters spray straight car antifreeze on hose and hydrant threads to keep them from freezing while fighting fires. Outside workers go inside frozen meat lockers (set at 10 below zero) to warm up. I kid you not. Anyway, we need a thick hat like this.

In answer to your question, this is Red Heart SuperSaver primary. The yarn isn't that great, but I like how this particular one has short stripes of color. I'm doing Walmart Red Heart because I'm knitting and crocheting hats and mittens for my local elementary school. Getting an early head start. These are nice small projects to do while on my 45 minute commute home from work via public transportation. I'm getting a lot done that way. I also do a little on my break at work. I quit smoking six months ago, so I'm trying to replace burning one at lunch with positive habits and having something to show for it.
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