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Help needed with a mosaic pattern
So I'm attempting to do my first dishcloth, first 2 color knitting, and first pattern and I'm running into an issue where the mosaic pattern doesn't seem as "clear" as the pattern's photo. Specifically, I seem to have the wrong color cropping up every little bit. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

Here's the pattern link:

(I've attached a photo of my dishcloth with rows 1-24 completed and with some of the wrong stitches circled in red. Compare my picture to the up close shot on the pattern's website and you'll see how I have stitches in the wrong color.)

Also, one other question. I heard somewhere that where the pattern says in Row 2 to "slip all slipped stitches with the yarn in front." they actually mean to slip the stitch purlwise - is that true? I started doing that late in my work and it seemed to help correct the pattern a bit, but it obviously didn't fix everything that I was doing wrong.

Anyway, any help/thoughts/advice would be very welcome. Thank you!
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